I help people feel better.

I believe that your health provides the foundation for all of the dreams you want to create. Waking each morning feeling empowered around your well-being allows you to feel at your very best. Feeling on top of your game gives you the greatest opportunity to create something magical in your life.

Do you want to scale a mountain? Try something new? Make a career change? Turn a hobby into a job? No matter the goal, the infrastructure for making this happen is your health. Sustainable habits and a consistent healthy lifestyle will provide you with the energy to turn your dreams into reality.

Give Health and Life Coaching A Try!

Hi I'm Abbe

Nice to meet you!

I work with all kinds of people just like you - busy moms and dads, successful professionals, young people finding their way in the world, and even empty nesters (that's me!). No age or background is off limits as anyone who struggles with their health could benefit from partnering with a coach.

You want to be healthy and fit, and maybe lose a few pounds, but you are too tired, strung out and depleted and you don't know where to start. Maybe exercise is not your thing. Or maybe you suffer from "analysis paralysis" due to conflicting information on diet and nutrition in the media. You are a smart person! But self-care is just another monumental task on your to-do list and it's all too much.

Let me help you simplify. Getting healthy does not have to be so hard. Work with me and uncover what holds you back from committing to yourself and your self-care. I promise the answers will change your life for the better!

More About Me

Warm Words from Clients:

  • Exercise has never been a problem for me. But balance, moderation, and practicing self care have. Sometimes life is just plain hard. And unfair. And unpredictable. It can be hard to be gentle with yourself when it feels like everything is crumbling. Because of her success in battling cancer, I took it to heart the first time that Abbe reminded me that even the worst days are a gift, a blessing… because not everyone gets to live those days. So on days when I want to throw in the towel, I pause and remind myself how Abbe taught me that I am lucky to experience hard things and feel difficult emotions. Abbe has helped me to be more gentle with myself, to find balance, and to remember that tomorrow will always be different. Her teaching and guidance have helped me navigate unexpected challenges and difficulties not only with courage, but also with kindness and compassion.

    K.C. Former Client
  • Abbe has been an inspiration to me over the past 3 years. She started on online closed Facebook group called Mighty Thought Ninjas. We are a group of women that Abbe knows both personally and virtually and brought us together to support each other’s life goals. From weight loss and self care to exercise inspiration, through illness, loss, triumphs, job changes, life events and transitions. Abbe fosters a support system among us all that transcends proximity and has created a safe space in which to share information, goals, joys and hardships. Abbe encourages us to dig deep and find the answers we are looking for through very direct questions and exercises about our life and our expectations. She clarifies the voices in our heads as to who we are and who we want to be. Abbe is wise, patient, compassionate, inspirational and kind. An expert coach and fine person.

    S.D. Former Client
  • Abbe listened to what I wanted to work on and tailored her advice to my particular situation. She is always practical and encouraging. The goals I've set with her have been both realistic and achievable. She helped me clarify my own priorities and better recognize when I was standing in my own way. I feel both happier and more productive after working with Abbe and I encourage everyone to sign up!

    K.F. Current Client
  • Abbe is a tremendous voice of measured reason. I have an all or nothing personality and love to beat myself up. Abbe has taught me the benefits of moderation and the joy of being kind to oneself. Abbe knows when to push us, and when to say, “Hey, who wants to spend the afternoon at lunch and shopping?” She encourages us not to overdo, but not to wimp out either. She asks us to be gentle – as a way to grow. She tells us to think good thoughts – to become what we think. She encourages us to cook & eat cleanly – to nurture our bellies. She demands we take cleansing breaths – to nurture our souls. Abbe gets that life is hard. She gets that none of us is perfect. -JR

    J.R. Former Client