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Abbe Jacobson – Eating Psychology Coach

What do you hunger for?

Take a close look at your life. If you find yourself reaching for food when you know you are not hungry it’s time to dig deep to identify your true cravings.

Do you seek love? Intimate relationships? Peace of mind? Healing? A better life balance or a purposeful job? Do you wish for more happiness? A better sense of self-worth? Do you hunger for the feeling that you. are. enough?

Challenging eating habits are an opportunity to create a deeper relationship with yourself and your body. Overeating, binge eating, nighttime eating, eating when you are not hungry – these are signals that it’s time to do the work to address your true cravings. Challenging eating habits = our way of getting our own attention.

No amount of food will ever satiate an emotional hunger.

Ask yourself today: What are you avoiding? What thoughts and feelings are holding you back from reaching your true purpose?

Let me help you call a cease fire on your body and find peace of mind around food and your life. This is your time. Create the life you crave. Feed your hunger.