Top of Half Dome, September 2016.

Welcome to my blog.

Up until recently I worked as a Health Coach, so you may remember my website during that time. I recently took a job as the Outreach Manager for an organization that provides free fitness to women who have survived cancer. I still use my skills as a coach – I’ve just taken them to a new setting.

I like to write and I like to exercise. Having survived cancer 15 years ago I feel most alive when I am exercising. I was a kinesthetic kid and that has not changed. I need to move. It helps me feel good, erases anxiety and keeps me feeling strong.

To celebrate my 50th birthday I want to inspire others who are at this halfway point to take control of their health. Since I enjoy writing I decided to channel that passion into a blog that chronicles my effort to push myself out my comfort zone this year and try new activities to upgrade my health, wellness and fitness. If I reach even one person who feels compelled to upgrade their own health then I have done my job.

Join me as I seek out new ways to challenge myself physically whether that be trying a new exercise class, signing up for some type of event, climbing mountains, hiking or eating in ways to help me feel better.