Speech on Healthy Living

Why work with a coach?

Perhaps you are tired and stressed or you cannot find time to exercise. Maybe you are confused about what to eat so that you will feel energetic and strong. Maybe you want to lose a few pounds. I will ask you powerful questions to help you get clear on your motivation to practice consistent healthy habits and self-care. In partnership, I will help you will set reasonable goals and make lifestyle decisions that make sense for you and your life.

If you need additional information, I provide you with new tips, tricks and skills so that you can more consistently manage your self-care each day.

How we take care of ourselves and whether we make exercise and healthy eating a priority comes down to self-talk. If you are beating yourself up in your mind each day it will be infinitely harder to reach your goals.

As a Health and Life Coach I am trained to help you improve your inner self-talk while providing relevant information on exercise, diet, mindfulness, and rest.

Coaching is NOT therapy. I encourage you to reach out to a licensed therapist if you are managing daily depression, anxiety or a mood disorder. Coaches can work side-by-side with therapists as additional support, but they are not licensed to provide any type of care for serious mood disorders.

Why Health and Life Coaching?

It’s one thing to understand what you need to do to be healthy and well. You could be armed with all of the cutting edge information in the universe when it comes to nutrition and fitness and still never reach your goals. That’s because our thoughts can hold us back.

As a coach I possess unique tools to help you reframe challenging thoughts that might be getting in your way. Don’t let that inner negative voice prevent you from reaching your goals. Let me help release those thoughts so you can finally find ways to consistently take care of yourself and feel better each day!

Who Do I Work Best With?

-I work with anyone who is tired of being tired and wants to feel better.

-You are a busy person with a full and demanding life who wishes you had more time to exercise and eat well.

-You are curious about Health and Life Coaching and have always wanted to give coaching a try.

-You believe in (or you are open to) the power of managing your mind to reach your goals.

-You have a good sense of humor, do not mind an occasional salty swear word or two, enjoy a good glass of wine and a great meal with friends, love to laugh, and believe kindness is one of life’s greatest virtues.

-You value lifelong learning and you are open to growth.

-You are not afraid to work hard and you do not shy away from doing hard things when necessary.

If this sounds like you, let’s get started!

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