“More than 40 years of dealing with weight issues… and then I hit a crisis where I was dieting again and feeling voraciously hungry all the time… you’d think I would know better. But it was Abbe Jacobson, who talked me off the ledge… then in our calls reminded me of what is true… be mindful, be kind to myself, choose what to eat from a place of awareness, not a desire to fit the cultural body size. I will probably need her again… and if you’re looking for a coach to guide you I highly recommend Abbe is the person to call.”
Melissa Burch, author of “My Journey Through War and Peace: Explorations of a Young Filmmaker, Feminist and Spiritual Seeker”

“My session with Abbe left me feeling A) Relieved. I am NORMAL! I am in good company! and B) Curious. To go back to the drawing board and notice why I am eating what I am eating. and C) Kinder. To myself. I remembered that inside of me is a tender vulnerable kid who (when frightened) sometimes enjoys a bowl of cereal at night. No big whoop. These insights helped me to return to my own FEEL GOOD about eating. If you are searching to connect with a heart driven way to feed yourself and need a guide, Abbe is your lady!” – Sarah Seidelmann M.D., Life Coach and Board Certified Physician at

“When I met Abbe, I was truly struggling with my life; how to parent, work, be a loving wife and daughter. I felt like I had exhausted every resource when I saw her post on Facebook about weight coaching. We talked and I felt a comfort I did not feel with many other people in my life. Abbe taught me how to relax, trust in my strengths and to believe in myself. She also taught me how to be present for myself and how to notice cues that my body was giving me. I was so thrilled with what Abbe brought to my life that I became a certified weight coach. Abbe’s sensitivity and knowledge changed my life. I am truly indebted to her.” -MK

“With Abbe’s gentle guidance, I was able to break away from the “diet mentally” I had followed most of my life. It was replaced with loving and responsible decision making, based on what my body needs at any given time. No guilt, no beating myself up for eating the “wrong” foods or not exercising; only awareness and acceptance. Abbe is a teacher and an excellent listener. She is patient, wise and full of love. Good things follow when we love ourselves, trust ourselves.” -CK

“Abbe helped me through some much-needed peeling back of emotional layers and really get to the essence of what my thoughts are about food and my own health in general. It’s a process that takes time and work, but Abbe helped me take it all in manageable steps and I’m happy to say that I now have tools to coach myself through the tough days. It’s an eye-opening process that I would highly recommend to anyone. Abbe can truly help you be the best you can be!” -BS

“I was very hesitant to make an investment in a weight coach. Let alone, some a woman I had never met from 3000 miles away…..WOW was I wrong! If you are like me and you are sick and tired of the yo-yo diet and seeing yourself lose the weight to just turn around and immediately put it back on you must give Abbe a call! I was amazed at how simple, effective and painless her process was to get me out of the yo-yo diet. I only wish I would have known about her years ago. I manage money for living and as a professional Investment Advisor I can tell you she’s worth her weight in gold.” -DH

“Taking that first step to contact Abbe was life changing. Talking with her, I felt like I was reaching back into myself and allowed, and encouraged to do this, to learn about my true self and (finally!) figure out where I really wanted to go with some big parts of my life. Working with Abbe has given me the strength and confidence I so needed to take control of my life and starting taking the steps to get to where I want to be! I really do feel like a new person — a person re-newed. I am excited and interested in life, able to dream a bit and now armed with the skills I need to turn dreams into reality! Thanks Abbe!” -KB

I read an article by Abbe where she shared the story of her mom’s struggle with cancer. I noted that she was a life and weight loss coach. I then wrote her an email and found that she did phone coaching. I was living in the San Francisco Bay Area and she was is Seattle. I was caring for my elderly mother and aunt and was topping the scales at 345lbs. I was taking care of everyone but myself. Abbe has helped to bring me insight, reflection and action to bring joy back into my life. I have lost weight, but more than that, I have started to live again. I had not been in a pool for over 20 years at the time I started to work with Abbe. She helped me to find the strength to face getting into a swim suit and going back into a public pool. I am now swimming five days a week and loving myself again. You know the joy of being a child living in the moment? That is what Abbe gave to me. Her coaching and friendship is priceless to me. -PS

I have been working with Abbe for the past three years and it has been a wonderful partnership. Abbe is a tremendous voice of measured reason. I have an all or nothing personality and love to beat myself up. Abbe has taught me the benefits of moderation and the joy of being kind to oneself. Abbe knows when to push us, and when to say, “Hey, who wants to spend the afternoon at lunch and shopping?” She encourages us not to overdo, but not to wimp out either. She asks us to be gentle – as a way to grow. She tells us to think good thoughts – to become what we think. She encourages us to cook & eat cleanly – to nurture our bellies. She demands we take cleansing breaths – to nurture our souls. Abbe gets that life is hard. She gets that none of us is perfect. She understands that change takes time and is often met with resistance. She encourages us through rain, sleet, and snow and has taught each of us to be fierce through our personal journeys. -JR