Free Initial Consultation: Let’s talk about your needs before we get started and see if we think we are a fit. I offer free first-time consultations so you can fill me in on all the details before we dive into our work together. Get a taste of how coaching works.

Single Sessions: Not sure whether coaching is for you. Get your feet wet with a couple sessions before making any major commitments. Single sessions are $100 per hour.

Six Weeks to Optimum Health: Want to get clarity and get on track with your health, wellness and weight management needs? Learn all about exercising from a place of joy, setting goals, managing stress, listening to your body and avoiding emotional eating to get to your natural weight…a new and improved lean and mean you. Guaranteed to improve your relationship with yourself, your body and food. Learn self-coaching skills to take with you after our work together is done. Total investment – $525.

Maintenance Sessions: Once a client, always a client. Feel free to return for a tune up after your major work is done. Maintenance sessions are $75.