These are a Few of My Favorite Things 2014

Who doesn’t look forward to Oprah’s list of her favorite things in her monthly magazine and her annual list that comes out at the end of the year?

Many of the items are fabulous (and often way too out of my price range)!

This year I decided if Oprah can have favorite things…I can too.

I have no affiliation with any of the brands mentioned in this blog post. It’s just stuff I like!

So here is a list of my favorite things for 2014 – all related to health and wellness.


1. North Face Rain Coat – This is an ESSENTIAL item in the Pacific Northwest and no one does light, cute rain jackets better than The North Face. I live in this jacket in the winter in Seattle when I am teaching my outdoor fitness class to a group of fierce mamas. Almost everyone in the class owns one of these jackets and mine happens to be this particular color. Both the color and the jacket make me happy. It keeps me dry and warm when worn over a fleece.










2. High Waisted Lululemon Wunder Under Pant – So the Lululemon company does not have the greatest reputation…this I know. But I still LOVE these running/yoga pants for functionality, comfort and cuteness. Huge bonus – they are high-waisted and conceal your tummy. No need to feel self-conscious in a hot yoga class!










3. Lululemon Scuba Hoodie – Score again for Lululemon. This is a perfect weight when exercising in the PNW – especially in the fall and spring. It doesn’t hurt that it pairs perfectly with the Wunder Under Pant. It comes in a multitude of colors. Oh, and it’s cute…of course!

SE Scuba Hoodie









4. Brooks Running Shoes – Brooks running shoes have never let me down. Thanks to Brooks my knees are still functioning even after 7 marathons, numerous half marathons, teaching hundreds of boot camp classes and too many daily runs to count. I am happy to see that their color schemes are getting more fashion forward. They still can’t compete with Nike for the best looking sneakers, but in my mind they are still higher quality and for that reason they make my favorite things list.











5. Davines Essential Haircare – The Davines website claims that they use “active natural ingredients” in their shampoo and the hair care line is “completely carbon-neutral”. Say what? I am not sure what that all means either! But I can vouch for the delicious smell of this shampoo, particularly the Oi shampoo and conditioner. The yummy smell just makes me happy! And being happy is good for my health. So I had to put this on my list.










6. Yu-Be Moisturizing Skin Cream – I had never even seen this skin lotion until it arrived as a sample in my daughter’s Birchbox (another one of my favorite things…see item #8!). This is the first lotion that has really helped my cracked, peeling, hard-working hands. A Glycerin-based moisturizing cream enriched with Vitamin E, Vitamin B2 and Camphor, Yu-Be smells like Carmex lip balm. But never mind the smell because it leaves my hands feeling particularly soft and helps them heal when they are rough and dry.








7. Supergoop Sunscreen – Another Birchbox discovery! This everyday sunscreen is my go to product for sun protection. It’s lightweight, smells good and is easy to put on. It’s so lightweight that you can wear it every day under your foundation. The best thing about Supergoop is the option to purchase an 18 ounce bottle with a pump so the whole family can screen up in the morning! I keep Supergoop on a counter next to the front door. The kids can throw it on before they head out for the day, especially in the summer. Supergoop is formulated without the bad stuff – no parabens, sulfates, synthetic fragrances or dyes, petrochemicals, phthalates, GMOs or triclosan.










8. Birchbox – A friend told me about this monthly subscription service of personalized beauty, grooming, and lifestyle samples, tailored to your profile. I purchased a subscription for my teenage daughter but I have to admit that I end up wanting to steal and test out many of the products. I found Yu-Be Moisturizer and Supergoop via Birchbox. Many of the featured samples include natural ingredients. I can’t say I would use all the products included in each monthly box, but the service is fun. It’s like opening up stocking stuffers every month!









9. Reusable LifeFactory Glass Bottles – Everyone knows how important it is for good health to drink water as much as possible – all day, every day. This BPA-free glass bottle with a silicone sleeve comes in a variety of cheerful colors and a multitude of sizes. It’s perfect at my hot yoga class – keeps the water cold the entire time despite the sweltering temp in the room. The best part – doing your part to save the earth…no need for plastic water bottles ever again!






10. Corepower Yoga – Corepower Yoga is my new obsession. I can’t help myself. I just feel so damn fantastic after taking one of their classes. Corepower Yoga is popping up all over the US. It makes yoga accessible to the masses. It’s a great workout and wonderful for both your body and mind! Try a yoga sculpt class if you want to push yourself – power yoga with weights in a heated room! It’s one of my favorites!






11. Yogitoes Yoga Towel – If you are into hot yoga or thinking of trying a hot yoga class you will most certainly need one of these colorful towels. When you are hot and sweaty it’s tough to stay put on a regular yoga mat. This nifty skidless towel helps you hold side crow without sliding to the floor! Just say OM!







12. Jawbone Fitness Tracker – I have tried all the fitness trackers…the Nike Fuelband, the Fitbit, etc. The Jawbone happens to be my favorite. Maybe it’s because I’m a techie and I like their IPhone app for the UP by Jawbone. I like that it analyzes what I have accomplished over previous days and encourages me to do more. It’s a good motivator for anyone who is goal oriented and can help those of you who struggle to stay consistent with your exercise to understand that every step counts! It comes in a bunch of great colors and it’s kind of cool and hip looking. I’m hoping that eventually they give it some kind of makeover to make it more appealing looking (like Fitbit pairing with Tory Burch to create a pretty fitness bracelet!). But until then I am OK with wearing this because the technology is so superior to other options out there.









13. Seeking Health Supplements – Not all vitamins are created equal. Most vitamins are low quality. Not this brand. These supplements are outstanding. Seeking Health is a small vitamin and supplement company based in Bellingham, WA. It is owned and operated by a naturopathic physician who has done cutting edge research on DNA and genetic mutations and their impact on our health. Many of his supplements are geared specifically toward helping to alleviate the impact of certain mutations. But you can also get a high quality multi-vitamin, vitamin D drops and Krill Oil (far superior for Omega 3 to fish oil). I can’t say enough good things about these supplements. I feel better when I take them!











14. Aveda Shampure Candle – Ok. I love the Aveda Shampure Shampoo and Conditioner too. But even better is the Aveda Shampure Candle! When it’s dark and rainy in Seattle there is nothing I love better than infusing my house with the smell of Shampure. It’s part of a routine that helps me relax and chill out after a long day. This smell is just something that makes me feel happy so therefore it helps my mental health! Surround yourself with things that bring you joy. This smell signals rest to me. And that brings me joy.










15. Glassybaby – Along with at least one good scented candle nothing says calm and warmth like a glassybaby. Made in Seattle, these hand blown glass votives can make any house feel warm and comfy.  A glassybaby can make the short dark days in Seattle during the winter feel tolerable. I am happy that I have a husband who has helped me grow my collection of glassybabies by giving them to me for special occasions over the years. Thank you, Curtis!





16. Waze App – This little app has made a huge difference in my mental health! I am a soccer mom who spends many hours in the car shuttling kids around the city. And traffic in Seattle is THE WORST! This app uses real time information from other Wazers to help me avoid traffic. It also gives me an idea of how long it will take me to get to my destination based on the current traffic conditions. It doesn’t hurt that it also tells me where police are present along the way. This app has given me back years of life. I kid you not. I urge you to download it today!