Awesome Autumn Power Soup

Who loves soup? I love it, especially in the fall. It’s easy to make and you can load it with veggies and high quality protein. Plus, there are often leftovers and that’s great for a busy family!

My son introduced me to this soup. He actually ate it over his girlfriend’s house and he begged me to get the recipe! After I tracked down the recipe I took it and adapted it for our use. We generally stay away from gluten so I replaced the original wheat berries that is calls for with quinoa. And I added other veggies such as the carrots and red pepper.

This recipe is very forgiving. You can add and omit any veggies you choose. Play with it to make it your own. But keep the Parmigiano Reggianno (unless you are dairy free!). It really adds a great dimension of taste to the soup.

You can find Parmigiano Reggianno in the specialty cheese section of most grocery stores. It’s a hard cheese. Just cut the rind off and throw it in the soup and then grate the rest of the cheese. Don’t forget to remove the rind before you eat the soup!



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