Top Mind-Body Nutrition Tips

If you missed my newsletter this month then you missed my top five mind-body nutrition tips. I wanted to make sure I get this information out to as many people as possible because by using these tips you can start to improve your relationship with food TODAY!

Here are the top 5 mind-body nutrition tips that I share with all my clients:

1. Consciously Eat Your Food – Every time you make a decision to eat do it with awareness. As you prepare to put food in your mouth ask yourself if you really want or need it. Always make a conscious decision to eat.

2. Listen to Your Body – Eat when you are slightly hungry. Stop when you are slightly full.  Strive to begin to understand how your body feels when you are slightly hungry versus full. Be mindful of the cues your body is giving you. Does your stomach rumble when you begin to feel hungry? How does your body feel when it starts to feel full? It takes 20 minutes for your brain to receive the message that your body is starting to fill up. Get curious about your fullness cues shortly after you begin to eat.

3. Eat Slowly – Are you a slow, medium or fast eater? (See Tool #1) Most of the population eats in a state that diminishes the body’s ability to digest food. Eating quickly is a main cause of overeating. By slowing down your pace of eating you become more aware of your food intake and you are able to eat more consciously. Eating slowly allows for optimal digestion and has the trickle down effect of enhanced metabolism.

4. Relax into Eating – As a culture we are so consumed with body image and weight that eating becomes a stressful experience for many of us. Messages about what to eat are confusing. We beat ourselves up when we feel we have eaten too much or consumed food we view as “bad”. Paradoxically, eating under stress slows metabolism and makes it difficult to digest our food. Scientifically, eating under stress negates all good intentions of eating good nutrition. One of the single greatest gifts you can give yourself and your body is to relax as you eat. Work on letting go of internal judgement as you eat.  Relaxing as you eat creates the optimal state of digestion and improves your metabolism.

5. Clean Up Your Toxic Thoughts and Beliefs – Here are some common toxic food/body beliefs that cause stress to us as eaters:
-Food is the enemy.
-Fat in food causes me to gain weight.
-Less food and more exercise equals the royal road to weight loss (not always true…).
-If only I were thin I’d be happy.
Carrying these thoughts around has a profound impact on your metabolism and your ability to relax into eating. None of the above thoughts are true. So it’s time to let go of outdated thoughts that do not serve you. Chuck the thoughts and watch your relationship with food and your body improve.

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