First Attempt at Vlogging – Not Pretty

So I had the whole day today to dedicate to working on my coaching business! HOORAY! I rarely get this kind of time to myself and with Sam at his freshman football camp and Ellie at a friend’s lake house and Curtis at work I had the whole afternoon to devote to the nuts and bolts of my business. Not only that but the sun was shining in Seattle. A wonderful 75 degree day. It was a perfect afternoon.

After much contemplation over the past several months I think I am finally settled on a business name: Be Fit – Body and Soul Coaching. I’m hoping this one sticks. I think it does a good job of representing what I believe is important about wellness…you should strive to be fit on the inside and out!

I have had many fits and starts with my business over the years so I want to thank any clients who have stuck it out with me along the way.  It’s been a struggle at times to try to figure out the most cohesive way to present my ideas to the world and to produce services and products for people to help them transform their wellness.  Most importantly,  I want to be sure that everyone knows that I am particularly interested in sharing my holistic viewpoint on health and nutrition while infusing you all with the joy and privilege of being able to exercise! Embracing my wellness after surviving cancer 10 years ago gave me my life back. I am hoping to be able to share some of that transformational power with you!

I have always had a vision of wanting to combine my interest in exercise with my passion for helping people to overcome obstacles. I believe I am getting closer to my mission in life since starting a Life Coach training program with O Magazine writer and author Martha Beck. I have been studying with her and her master coaches since this past April and I am learning some incredible tools to help my clients overcome limiting beliefs and make lasting change in their lives. I want to help clients get to the root of what prevents them from exercising and making healthy choices on a consistent basis. I am confident that I will now be able to help as a Martha Beck trained coach.

In addition, I will be participating in an Intuitive Eating program this fall. Intuitive eating is all about WHY you are eating versus WHAT you are eating. This concept makes getting to your natural weight a whole lot easier and sustainable than subjecting yourself to a food and calorie deprivation diet.

Check out my website today. I’ve added new prices and programs. As of September I will be taking on paid coaching clients. More on this later. But if you are someone who has always struggled with weight or maintaining an exercise routine – I can help!

I want to particularly highlight a program that I will be starting this fall on September 7. It’s Running for Beginners at Greenlake. Check out the video below for more info. And try not to laugh at my rudimentary attempt at vlogging. I look super stiff…but I think I get the point across. 🙂


  1. Ab – LOVE the blog AND vlog! You are a total natural in front of the camera of course – you are gorgeous – and you look and sound super professional, confident, and inspiring!! xoxo!

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